Your journey has brought you to the hall of authors. Here are the names of the authors that have been kind enough to give their time to entertain us and spark our imaginations. Please return the favor by reading their materials like them on social media!

Micheal R. Nardo:  Entrepreneur and author of  “The Beginning

About Author:

Michael R. Nardo earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and worked for twenty-one years as a government administrator. He started his own IT company, FuturTech Consulting, in 1996. He lives in Wilmington- Hockessin, Delaware, with his wife Mary. They have three daughters and five grandchildren. He is working on his second novel.

Stephen Walton: Author of “The Elemental Saga Series”

Book one is Elemental Heart

Book two is Elemental Dragonfyre & Brimstone

About Author: (Bio from Elemental Saga Website )

When I was a young boy and played, I wanted to be Lion-O, Optimus Prime, Batman, and every other great Hero on after school cartoons. I was taken into the adventures of these characters, pulled and swayed by the epic, white and black ‘Hero versus Villain” stories. There was something about being the Hero that I could feel in my very soul. I was also influenced by my father’s love for Star Trek, which led me to Star Wars. There, I found the first Villain that I actually cheered for in Darth Vader.

My parents were not your ‘typical’ parents. My father had remarried and my sister and I lived with both he and his wife. Sometimes I was left to care for my younger sister, and we were at the mercy of our own youthful devices. In my pre-teen years, well before I would have let my own children watch such things, I discovered a movie that changed my imagination, Highlander. Now I wanted to be an Immortal. Walking down the steps centuries in an epic battle of headhunting for greater power. I watched horror, Alternate History, and space opera movies. I also watched TMNT, The Incredible Hulk, Superfriends, Spawn, Captain Planet, and others. From my love for all of these and more, an idea stirred within me that had me take my first pencil and notebook and write my first stories. Those stories were of the Elementals.

Originally the series was called ‘Impossibility’, because at such a young age I viewed the events I thought of as impossible events. They were a mix of my age, my favorite cartoons, and the adult oriented movies I loved to watch. Very basic, my Heroes were of the five Elements. Sunfire, Landmine, Airforce, Waterway, and Lifeforce, fought an epic battle against the Evil Falkons, who were in essence dark elementals. They could live very long lives, but had to stab another of their kind in the heart and take their power in order to do so. Along with my friend Jessie Howard, who also had a very active and creative imagination, my world and characters quickly expanded beyond anything I could have imagined.

For over twenty years I have written on and off about these childhood heroes. Reshaping, recreating, and expanding upon this world of mine. Finally I took the next real step; I put all of my energies into writing an actual book on them. With all the material I had over the years, I put it all together and wrote Elemental Heart. I know that some may see the title and think, “This is another damn love story”. Not at all. I call the first book this because the Elemental Heart is the source of all my characters powers Good, Evil, and downright Demonic. This series is the culmination of all my collected love for Fiction. It is not for Children or those under the age of 18. It has elements of Dark Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Demonism tales, and Sexual Escapades that will hopefully shock you into wanting to read more.